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5 Questions Nordics ask about Chinese New Year

By herachoi

Ever find yourself wondering, “Is it some kind of holiday in Singapore today?” or explaining to a colleague, “We’re away next Friday, it’s mid-summer… well, not really, but it’s a holiday?” It’s a common scenario even for HUONE’s international team.(HUONE has been recognized as ‘the Most Successful Multicultural Company’) 1. When is it? Isn’t it … Continued

Navigating 2024’s Top Business Event Trends for Success

By herachoi

Year 2023 was a year that showcased how the future of work took a huge leap after the Pandemic. We highly valued face-to-face interactions, and we didn’t want to give up on remote working. As a result, we saw a significant shift from larger events to smaller events; less frequent but higher quality events. Many … Continued

We are going back to the growth story

By herachoi

The year 2022 for HUONE was much about ‘rebuilding’ and anticipating what’s to come. It was a year full of anticipation and optimism, however, it did not lack challenges; waves of sick leaves, global inflation, and a high level of uncertainty. Many companies had to reset how we work in the new normal, and HUONE … Continued

HUONE Copenhagen receives a Green Key certificate

By christina

HUONE Copenhagen, the most creative event and meeting venue in Copenhagen, has now joined the Green Key network of certified establishments. HUONE Copenhagen is part of HUONE group, which operates in 3 different countries, Helsinki, Singapore, and Denmark.  Copenhagen, Denmark (August 16th, 2022) HUONE offers creative spaces for business meetings and events and caters to … Continued

From Singapore to Copenhagen

By Laura Petra

Ian Wu, the CEO of HUONE Singapore, visited HUONE Copenhagen for two weeks at the beginning of summer 2022. He had a chance to explore the city and its business meeting culture. HUONE asked Ian a couple of questions about how he saw Danish business meeting culture compared to the one in Singapore, the world’s … Continued

Transparency is Always the Best Option

By herachoi

Did you let out a sigh with relief when 2020 was finally over? I did too. Sure, HUONE would keep on fighting the ongoing pandemic and it’d have to cope with the ever changing regulations, but things were getting better, I thought. Little did I know that in the forthcoming year I would also be … Continued

3 Reasons why the future of business events is NOT Hybrid

By herachoi

Is the future of business events really hybrid? or virtual? Many studies suggest that hybrid will become the new normal for business events. A significant drop in business travel is also likely to last, which will play a part. On the contrary, there are also many who believe the face-to-face meetings will be back, and … Continued

Unsung heroes of business: administrative professionals!

By lauratomula

Before International Administrative Professionals Day, there was National Secretaries Day (since 1952). As the title, the role of the administrative professionals in the modern workforce has evolved.  It has transformed from a supporting role to more of a strategic one. Often a whole team lean on one for internal communications, strategic counsel, technical expertise, event … Continued

Leading through uncertainty amid Coronavirus: Case HUONE

By herachoi

I first heard about the coronavirus from Singapore in early January 2020. I thought it was another SARS-like incident that will affect our sales heavily in Singapore only. We adjusted the Singapore sales forecast with my team to brace for impact. Little did I know, we were about to face a global pandemic.  No start-ups … Continued

Welcome, 2020! HUONE’s 2019

By herachoi

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, but also for the reflection. I have always loved doing the new year’s reflection, as it gives me a chance to go down memory lane, and pat myself on the back for the things I have done (or tried my best to do), and also to remind myself what … Continued

Entrepreneurship is not for the light-hearted

By herachoi

World’s biggest startup event Slush Helsinki is just around the corner. You have, at some point, probably thought about becoming an entrepreneur. Many dream about doing what you love, being your own boss, making an impact and leading your own team—the freedom. Before you take that plunge, a leap of faith, give all in, I … Continued

Celebrate Halloween in Your Office!

By herachoi

It’s that time of the year. Autumn leaves start falling down(at least in this part of the world) and lights are dimming —Halloween is here! But why should companies care about it? Office events such as a Halloween costume day actually have more positives than many think. It’s more than just having fun. At HUONE, … Continued

Hello, new logo 

By annamottonen

I loved our original logo; how it looks, what it represents, the story behind it. And yet, here I am to explain why we decided to evolve and how I struggled as a stubborn founder to accept that is was the right decision for the bigger chapter ahead.   Simply put, we needed our logo to … Continued