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Oversized Room

Max. 45 persons

Get a change of perspective in Oversized. This room is geared for you to explore the larger world with your team and all it has to offer. You’ll be thinking big and aiming high in here whether it’s a customer event, seminar or kick-off! It’s not just the design that’s large, but the space, as Oversized gives you ample room to fit everyone and still have room to move. This space caters nicely for evening parties, either with dinner tables or more relaxed seating for cocktail parties.

Virtual and hybrid meeting technology can be arranged to all our meeting rooms.


  • Approximately 140” screen, HDMI cord (common adapters available)
  • Audio system
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Writing materials
  • Flip chart
  • Event Coordinator’s support
  • Room size 72 m²
  • Oversized room is located on 2nd floor

Setup options

  • Classroom (Max. 30 persons)
  • Group tables (Max. 25 persons)
  • Theater (Max. 45 persons)
  • U-shape (Max. 20 persons)
  • Banquet dining (Max. 28 persons)
  • Dinner (Max. 30 persons)