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A Guide for organising a company Christmas party 2021

By herachoi

Let’s organise a kick-ass company Christmas party 2021. It’s been a while! Most companies have adopted hybrid working policies during this year, and this flexible working is being embraced as a future of work. A special company event such as a Christmas party is a rare opportunity for a team to meet face-to-face, rekindle the … Continued

6 Things You Need for a Successful Kick off

By herachoi

Time to get back to business, IN-PERSON! Kick off your Autumn of 2021 fresh at HUONE hassle-free! Autumn 2021 kick-offs are particularly more important when you haven’t had any face-to-face meetings for so long with your team. Start planning and sharing and vision for the rest of 2021 and more. Here are 6 things you need to consider … Continued

Facilitation Tools for Hybrid Meetings(E-Book)

By herachoi

You need different facilitation tools for different goals! We share concrete facilitation tools that we frequently use at HUONE, which will also work in a hybrid meeting setting. With these tools, you can, lead the discussion in the right direction, make decisions, or help the group come up with new ideas. Squeeze the last juicy … Continued

3 Reasons why the future of business events is NOT Hybrid

By herachoi

Is the future of business events really hybrid? or virtual? Many studies suggest that hybrid will become the new normal for business events. A significant drop in business travel is also likely to last, which will play a part. On the contrary, there are also many who believe the face-to-face meetings will be back, and … Continued

Unsung heroes of business: administrative professionals!

By lauratomula

Before International Administrative Professionals Day, there was National Secretaries Day (since 1952). As the title, the role of the administrative professionals in the modern workforce has evolved.  It has transformed from a supporting role to more of a strategic one. Often a whole team lean on one for internal communications, strategic counsel, technical expertise, event … Continued

6 Tips for giving an online presentation

By herachoi

Whether you’re new to giving online presentations or a pro, here are some tips for giving an online presentation, that is engaging. Well, giving a presentation or giving a speech is not a new thing. Hence, there are a lot of resources available for you to become a better public speaker, however, the platform has … Continued

1 Year Anniversary with Covid-19

By herachoi

It has been a full year since most of the world started fighting the invisible enemy—Covid-19. HUONE, like many other companies in the meeting industry, has suffered. We wanted to capture and share evolving sentiment within the industry, as we respond to continuing challenges brought on by the global pandemic. Here is what HUONE family … Continued

5 virtual icebreakers for your hybrid and virtual meetings

By lauratomula

Five fun and must-try virtual icebreakers! Virtual and hybrid meetings are happening more than ever and they are likely to continue even after the pandemic. Your colleagues are no longer within arm’s reach, and now you only see them over the screen. Your team might feel more worn out or even too tired to really … Continued

Business meeting trends during Covid-19: case HUONE

By herachoi

There are meeting trends that appeared during the pandemic and will stay. The year 2020 was definitely challenging for the event industry. The struggle is still real, but now that we have settled into the new year, it is important to look forward and plan for the better. What did really happen during the pandemic, … Continued

Make the Best Out of Remote Work and Offsite Meetings

By annamottonen

Post-pandemic work will be in a hybrid format one way or another. A recent study shows, 97% of companies are planning for a hybrid working of some kind, and working remotely or this flexibility has become one of the most ‘musts’ what employees want from their company. So, how do you keep your team motivated ? From the … Continued

Kamppi 2nd Anniversary Hybrid Seminar with Kim Väisänen

By herachoi

To celebrate HUONE Kamppi’s 2nd Anniversary (and Halloween), HUONE organised an interesting hybrid event with a special guest, Kim Väisänen. Kim Väisänen is a well-known business angel in Finland, serial failure, and also an acknowledged author. To many, Kim is known for appearing in ‘Leijonan luola’, the Finnish version of the popular TV show, Dragon’s … Continued

How to Write Excellent Meeting Minutes

By annamari

An astonishing 71% find that meetings are unproductive and inefficient. The solution to having only productive and meaningful meetings is to make sure the objectives are clear. Likewise, you will need excellent meeting minutes for effective to follow up. Excellent meeting minutes enable you to track your meeting decisions and future actions in one place. … Continued

Hybrid Meeting A to Z_Webinar Summary

By herachoi

Helping our customers to ‘meet’ is what HUONE does. Many of HUONE’s customers had to postpone or cancel their events since the spring due to the pandemic and now, many are pursuing an alternative option—Hybrid Meeting. Before introducing HUONE’s hybrid meeting packages, we hosted a small webinar to go over the most frequently asked questions … Continued