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5 Questions Nordics ask about Chinese New Year

By herachoi

Ever find yourself wondering, “Is it some kind of holiday in Singapore today?” or explaining to a colleague, “We’re away next Friday, it’s mid-summer… well, not really, but it’s a holiday?” It’s a common scenario even for HUONE’s international team.(HUONE has been recognized as ‘the Most Successful Multicultural Company’) 1. When is it? Isn’t it … Continued

Business Event Trends 2023

By herachoi

Business Event Trends 2023—The big question we all should be asking ourselves as business professionals is this: how does one bring people together during the new normal? As we await fireworks to signal the new year, HUONE shares its view on the 2023 business meeting and event industry outlook.  The report is based on HUONE’s … Continued

 What did HUONE do for its global strategy day?(Example Agenda)

By herachoi

HUONE recently organised a global strategy day in Helsinki with its board members and the management team. It was a crucial event for moving forward, especially after 2 years of battling the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was conducted in a hybrid format, with key members participating on-site. Read more! In this article, you will learn … Continued

5 Tips for a Successful Hybrid Event

By herachoi

For many companies, organizing virtual and hybrid events is still relatively a new endeavor.  In the current hybrid working setting, future meetings will likely include remote participants. So, let’s do it right! Instead of a long list of things you should consider, here are the 5 actionable and the most essential tips from an expert, … Continued

Business Event Trends 2022

By herachoi

Business Event Trends 2022-The big question we all should be asking ourselves as business professionals is this: Is this event worth everyone’s time? As we await fireworks to signal new year, HUONE shares its view on the 2022 business meeting and event industry outlook.  The report is written based on HUONE’s experience in 2021, internal … Continued

Experience all of Copenhagen in one meeting day

By charlottebliddal

Experience all of Copenhagen in HUONE meeting rooms close to the city centre. Host your next strategy day on Amager Beach, go to the theatre for presenting your annual report or hang out at Queen Louise Bridge during your board meeting. Enjoy a team dinner in the former aeroplane hangar with 9 meters high ceiling! … Continued

Better breaks, better meetings

By herachoi

Better breaks, better meetings. Do you agree? HUONE often highlights the importance of including proper breaks during company meetings and events.  However, what does a ‘quality break’ actually mean and how do you take good breaks? Reidar Wasenius, a Personal Brainer and chief creative officer at Breaks Finland, shares how quality breaks can help our … Continued

Kick-ass Kick-off meetings(with Example Agenda)

By herachoi

Kick-off meeting season is approaching for Autumn 2021. So, let’s talk about kick-offs! What are the different types of Kick-off? What’s the difference between them and what should be the focus for each? How should the day be scheduled for your kick-off?  This article is going to help you  understand different types of Kickoff: seasonal, … Continued

How to organise hybrid working model that works for your team

By herachoi

Many global companies have already announced new policies to accommodate the new working culture starting from Autumn 2021. It is quite clear that post-pandemic work will be in a hybrid format one way or another. A recent study shows, 97% of companies are planning for hybrid working of some kind. So, if you are planning on … Continued

A Guide for organising a company Christmas party 2021

By herachoi

Let’s organise a kick-ass company Christmas party 2021. It’s been a while! Most companies have adopted hybrid working policies during this year, and this flexible working is being embraced as a future of work. A special company event such as a Christmas party is a rare opportunity for a team to meet face-to-face, rekindle the … Continued

6 Things You Need for a Successful Kick off

By herachoi

Time to get back to business, IN-PERSON! Kick off your Autumn of 2021 fresh at HUONE hassle-free! Autumn 2021 kick-offs are particularly more important when you haven’t had any face-to-face meetings for so long with your team. Start planning and sharing and vision for the rest of 2021 and more. Here are 6 things you need to consider … Continued

Facilitation Tools for Hybrid Meetings(E-Book)

By herachoi

You need different facilitation tools for different goals! We share concrete facilitation tools that we frequently use at HUONE, which will also work in a hybrid meeting setting. With these tools, you can, lead the discussion in the right direction, make decisions, or help the group come up with new ideas. Squeeze the last juicy … Continued

3 Reasons why the future of business events is NOT Hybrid

By herachoi

Is the future of business events really hybrid? or virtual? Many studies suggest that hybrid will become the new normal for business events. A significant drop in business travel is also likely to last, which will play a part. On the contrary, there are also many who believe the face-to-face meetings will be back, and … Continued

5 virtual icebreakers for your hybrid and virtual meetings

By lauratomula

Five fun and must-try virtual icebreakers! Virtual and hybrid meetings are happening more than ever and they are likely to continue even after the pandemic. Your colleagues are no longer within arm’s reach, and now you only see them over the screen. Your team might feel more worn out or even too tired to really … Continued