Inno Room

Suitable for max 60 persons


We are building a brand new hybrid studio to Inno room in Autumn 2021!

Why choose hybrid studio in HUONE?

  • We are creating a hybrid meeting studio, not a virtual meeting streaming place (of course it is possible).
  • HUONE is a pioneer in implementing meeting design elements to create an excellent meeting experience. The same applies for remote participants.
  • Priority No. 1 is the high engagement. Designed to enable communication between on-site and remote participants.
  • No frills. No need for extensive preparations beforehand, we ensure a high-quality event with less work
  • Multiple cameras and live sound mixing
  • Technical support on-site
  • Maximum capacity with 2m safety distancing 12pax, 1m safety distancing 30pax on spot and hundreds remote.

Explore Inno Room in 3D


  • White screen
  • Overhead projectors, HDMI
  • JBL sound syste
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Writing materials
  • Flip chart
  • Evening lighting
  • Event Coordinator’s support
  • Room size 80 m²
  • Inno room is located on 1,5 floor

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