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10 company Christmas party theme ideas

By herachoi

Most anticipated party of the year – Company Christmas party! The Christmas party is a perfect opportunity to recognize and celebrate your team’s achievements. It will also boost togetherness and team spirit. To make the event more memorable for all and elevate the event, add a theme to the occasion! Here are some ideas from … Continued

Day of creativity in a creative surrounding

By herachoi

Imagine a traditional classroom with rows of chairs and tables. Does the space evoke creativity? or what kind of behavior does it encourage? The conversation around the impact of the physical environment on our behavior has grown past few years, aided by the changing nature of work. HUONE invited a lecturer with students of NEXT … Continued

HUONE announces its new Board of Directors

By herachoi

HUONE is set to continue its growth story with the new board of directors. Kim Väisänen, the well-known entrepreneur and business angel in Finland, joins as a new chairman of the board and is eager to put his experience to use and offer strategic guidance for HUONE to be on the path back to success … Continued

People of HUONE: Rita Kovats

By josephinehochauer

Next in line for People of HUONE series is… Rita Kovats, Operations Manager at HUONE Copenhagen. Rita joined the team in November 2022 and she is known for her all-time positive attitude and great ambitions. Get to know Rita better here! I work as… And Operations Manager of HUONE Copenhagen, which means that I’m leading … Continued

Conference in creative surroundings – Medgang’s day at HUONE

By josephinehochauer

In collaboration with MiLife, Medgang, a development community that works with institutions and schools, held a conference at HUONE Copenhagen with 65 participants. Read more to learn about their HUONE experience. Medgang is a development community with a focus on inspiring. The community works with institutions, schools, and parents to teach children and young people … Continued

Do creative settings contribute to more effective meetings?

By herachoi

When people meet face-to-face, we want to go outside our usual framework and hold meetings away from home or an office – both to bring the team together, and also to be able to focus on the goal. But does it really make a difference for the meeting participants to be in a creative environment? … Continued

5 Questions Nordics ask about Chinese New Year

By herachoi

Do you have colleagues, customers, or partners who celebrate the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year? Do you have some questions about the big holiday they are all talking about? HUONE took advantage of its diverse team, and compiled the answers from the most-asked questions! Do you sometimes notice yourself asking ‘oh, is it … Continued

We are going back to the growth story

By herachoi

The year 2022 for HUONE was much about ‘rebuilding’ and anticipating what’s to come. It was a year full of anticipation and optimism, however, it did not lack challenges; waves of sick leaves, global inflation, and a high level of uncertainty. Many companies had to reset how we work in the new normal, and HUONE … Continued

E-book: Business Event Trends 2023

By herachoi

Business Event Trends 2023—The big question we all should be asking ourselves as business professionals is this: how does one bring people together during the new normal? As we await fireworks to signal the new year, HUONE shares its view on the 2023 business meeting and event industry outlook.  The report is based on HUONE’s … Continued

Event calendar for the first half of 2023

By lauratomula

How early do you start to plan next year’s events? Successful business meetings and events require proper planning. However, it often gets buried under other tasks when things get busy, and suddenly it’s happening in a couple of weeks! HUONE Copenhagen shares its own event calendar for the first half of a year and a … Continued

HUONE Copenhagen receives a Green Key certificate

By christina

HUONE Copenhagen, the most creative event and meeting venue in Copenhagen, has now joined the Green Key network of certified establishments. HUONE Copenhagen is part of HUONE group, which operates in 3 different countries, Helsinki, Singapore, and Denmark.  Copenhagen, Denmark (August 16th, 2022) HUONE offers creative spaces for business meetings and events and caters to … Continued

From Singapore to Copenhagen

By Laura Petra

Ian Wu, the CEO of HUONE Singapore, visited HUONE Copenhagen for two weeks at the beginning of summer 2022! He had a chance to explore its business meeting culture and the city. HUONE asked Ian a couple of questions about how he saw Danish business meeting culture compared to the one in Singapore, the world’s … Continued

People of HUONE: Liezel Pauch

By charlottebliddal

Next creative entrepreneur in our People of HUONE series is Liezel Pauch, Event Coordinator at HUONE Copenhagen. Liezel was part of HUONE Copenhagen’s first steps as a venue and is responsible for the welcoming of our guests and our reception. Liezel is known for her attention to high quality service and the customer experience. Get … Continued

Chris MacDonald: Well-being and performance are interconnected

By charlottebliddal

How well one performs is directly tied to how well one feels, according to Chris MacDonald. Chris is Denmark’s one of the most acknowledged motivational speakers and experts on the topic of well-being and performance. In this interview with HUONE, he shares his insights into how well-thought-out surroundings create better and more effective meetings. When … Continued

People of HUONE: Ammar Fargalla

By charlottebliddal

Next creative entrepreneur in our People of HUONE series is Ammar Fargalla, Chef at HUONE Copenhagen. Ammar has been part of the team since Autumn 2021 and is known for his great intellect and high spirits. Get to know Ammar Fargalla better here! I work as a chef in our kitchen crew. I do various … Continued