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10 company Christmas party theme ideas

By herachoi

Most anticipated party of the year – Company Christmas party! The Christmas party is a perfect opportunity to recognize and celebrate your team’s achievements. It will also boost togetherness and team spirit. To make the event more memorable for all and elevate the event, add a theme to the occasion! Here are some ideas from … Continued

Conference in creative surroundings – Medgang’s day at HUONE

By josephinehochauer

In collaboration with MiLife, Medgang, a development community that works with institutions and schools, held a conference at HUONE Copenhagen with 65 participants. Read more to learn about their HUONE experience. Medgang is a development community with a focus on inspiring. The community works with institutions, schools, and parents to teach children and young people … Continued

Do creative settings contribute to more effective meetings?

By herachoi

When people meet face-to-face, we want to go outside our usual framework and hold meetings away from home or an office – both to bring the team together, and also to be able to focus on the goal. But does it really make a difference for the meeting participants to be in a creative environment? … Continued

5 Questions Nordics ask about Chinese New Year

By herachoi

Do you have colleagues, customers, or partners who celebrate the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year? Do you have some questions about the big holiday they are all talking about? HUONE took advantage of its diverse team, and compiled the answers from the most-asked questions! Do you sometimes notice yourself asking ‘oh, is it … Continued

E-book: Business Event Trends 2023

By herachoi

Business Event Trends 2023—The big question we all should be asking ourselves as business professionals is this: how does one bring people together during the new normal? As we await fireworks to signal the new year, HUONE shares its view on the 2023 business meeting and event industry outlook.  The report is based on HUONE’s … Continued

Event calendar for the first half of 2023

By lauratomula

How early do you start to plan next year’s events? Successful business meetings and events require proper planning. However, it often gets buried under other tasks when things get busy, and suddenly it’s happening in a couple of weeks! HUONE Copenhagen shares its own event calendar for the first half of a year and a … Continued

Chris MacDonald: Well-being and performance are interconnected

By charlottebliddal

How well one performs is directly tied to how well one feels, according to Chris MacDonald. Chris is Denmark’s one of the most acknowledged motivational speakers and experts on the topic of well-being and performance. In this interview with HUONE, he shares his insights into how well-thought-out surroundings create better and more effective meetings. When … Continued

Win a Team Day at HUONE

By herachoi

HUONE is turning 10!  The startup journey is full of obstacles, so have many to thank. And we believe that now, more than ever is time for us to unite and share the love. This is why we would like to mark this important year by GIVING BACK! HUONE is giving out 10 awesome team days … Continued

 What does HUONE do for its global strategy day?(Example Agenda)

By herachoi

HUONE recently organised a global strategy day in Helsinki with its board members and the management team. It was a crucial event for moving forward, especially after 2 years of battling the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was conducted in a hybrid format, with key members participating on-site. Read more! In this article, you will learn … Continued

5 Tips for a Successful Hybrid Event

By herachoi

For many companies, organizing virtual and hybrid events is still relatively a new endeavor.  In the current hybrid working setting, future meetings will likely include remote participants. So, let’s do it right! Instead of a long list of things you should consider, here are the 5 actionable and the most essential tips from an expert, … Continued

6 Things You Need for a Successful Kick off

By herachoi

Time to get back to business, IN-PERSON! Kick off a new year at HUONE hassle-free! Start planning and sharing and vision. Here are 6 things you need to consider for a successful Kick-off! 6 Things You Need for a Successful Kick-off 1. Inspiring space and rooms to set the atmosphere. Space influence our behaviour greatly. You … Continued

People of HUONE: Leonardo Shkurti

By charlottebliddal

Next creative team member in our People of HUONE series, is Leonardo Shkurti, Conference Host at HUONE Copenhagen! Since Leonardo started at HUONE in the Summer of 2021, he has shared his extraordinary talent for hosting. He is also known for his sense of that little something ‘extra’ in the meeting experiences. Get to know … Continued

Business Event Trends 2022 (E-book)

By herachoi

Business Event Trends 2022-The big question we all should be asking ourselves as business professionals is this: Is this event worth everyone’s time? As we await fireworks to signal new year, HUONE shares its view on the 2022 business meeting and event industry outlook.  The report is written based on HUONE’s experience in 2021, internal … Continued

Bastian Overgaard: Meetings are a need-to-have

By charlottebliddal

After lockdown, many businesses have found out that meetings are need-to-have. Organising hybrid work has increasingly become important and we have found out how our personality types complement each other in various work settings. HUONE has talked to Bastian Overgaard about the importance of meeting face-to-face for our efficiency as well as our creativity. Bastian … Continued

Experience all of Copenhagen in one meeting day

By charlottebliddal

Experience all of Copenhagen in HUONE meeting rooms close to the city centre. Host your next strategy day on Amager Beach, go to the theatre for presenting your annual report or hang out at Queen Louise Bridge during your board meeting. Enjoy a team dinner in the former aeroplane hangar with 9 meters high ceiling! … Continued

Better breaks, better meetings

By herachoi

Better breaks, better meetings. Do you agree? HUONE often highlights the importance of including proper breaks during company meetings and events.  However, what does a ‘quality break’ actually mean and how do you take good breaks? Reidar Wasenius, a Personal Brainer and chief creative officer at Breaks Finland, shares how quality breaks can help our … Continued