HUONE Events Hotel is an exceptional place for B2B meetings & events, a hotel without bedrooms.

HUONE redefines traditional meeting spaces with its creative venues launched initially in Helsinki in 2012. Our meeting rooms are inspired by diverse themes from Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland to the cozy cottage at Clarke Quay in Singapore, ensuring a stimulating environment that combats the mundane. Whether it’s hosting a dynamic workshop, a large-scale conference, or a thematic event, HUONE is designed to inspire creativity and provoke thought, driving tangible results and surpassing traditional meeting spaces.

HUONE made waves from the moment it opened its doors in 2012. Currently operating in three countries, Finland, Singapore, and Denmark, HUONE has hosted over 14,000 meetings and events and 230,000 guests and set sail for lands beyond. Best known for its uniqueness in design as well as its top-quality service they provide for every customer.

HUONE Singapore

The venue is a stroll away from Fort Canning and Clarke Quay MRT stations with 11 unique spaces that can host up to 699 guests.

In 2017, HUONE took a leap and landed in Singapore, becoming the first of its kind outside Finland. Here, we’ve embraced the city’s dynamic spirit, infusing our unique flair into every meeting and event. Our themed rooms and tailored services aren’t just about looking good; they’re about making every gathering meaningful, sparking  creativity, and inspiring every participant.

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HUONE Finland

Helsinki is home to two – HUONE Kamppi and HUONE Kaivopiha which has a total of 19 unique rooms or event spaces.

Our journey started in Finland, where HUONE shook up the corporate world with a simple yet revolutionary idea: meetings should be more than just talk. We believe they should be immersive, engaging, and, yes, fun! This spark of creativity led us to reinvent meeting spaces, blending function with imagination, setting the stage for what HUONE is today – a place where meetings turn into memorable experiences. There are 2 HUONE locations in Finland, Kamppi and Kaivopiha.

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HUONE Denmark

HUONE Copenhagen is the fourth unit – has 21 unique rooms that can accommodate small groups of 4 people and up to 200 people.

The story didn’t stop there. In 2019, HUONE continued its global journey by opening doors in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, we’ve blended the essence of Danish style with our innovative concept, creating spaces that resonate with the local culture while staying true to the HUONE ethos. It’s a testament to our belief in adapting and thriving in diverse markets.

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