Theatre Room

Suitable for max 131 persons


Theatre Room: The Stage for Unfettered Imagination and Engagement

Immerse yourself in the Theatre Room at HUONE Clarke Quay, where every gathering takes centre stage. This is where historic charm meets contemporary flair, enveloping your events in an atmosphere that sparks both dialogue and discovery. Far more than just a room, it’s a hub designed to galvanise success and collaboration, echoing the vibrant pulse of Clarke Quay’s inner courtyard. Here, your meetings are transformed into a captivating theatrical experience, with every detail crafted to support and invigorate. Surrounded by views of the iconic square, the Theatre Room is a crucible of creativity, perfect for everything from strategic business sessions and dynamic training to celebratory functions and educational seminars.

HUONE Singapore Theatre Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Theatre — a versatile venue with a view of Clarke Quay’s charming courtyard, complete with a door entrance proudly displaying the room’s Finnish name, inviting a union of history and modernity within its walls.

The Theatre Room at HUONE: Your Proscenium for Unrestrained Creativity and Comfort

The Theatre Room at HUONE Clarke Quay isn’t merely a space – it’s a celebration of creative synergy and relaxed elegance. As a part of HUONE’s diverse array of themed environments, this room stands out with its unique blend of theatricality and comfort. From the communal areas that thrum with potential for partnerships to the sequestered calm of the Theatre Room, your event journey is all-encompassing. Each design element is curated to foster an experience that transcends the conventional meeting setup. Here, amidst the inspiring vistas of the courtyard fountain, events evolve into interactive narratives, leaving a lasting impression of innovation and ease.

HUONE Singapore Common Area - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Theatre Room – a harmonious extension of HUONE’s eclectic and cosy aesthetic, offering a backdrop of the charming courtyard that complements the comprehensive experience of our functional and inviting meeting spaces.

Charming Vistas at HUONE’s Theatre Room: Illuminated by Natural Daylight

The Theatre Room at HUONE Clarke Quay is a celebration of space where natural light plays a pivotal role. Bathed in the glow of the sun through expansive east-facing windows, the room offers a rare fusion of historic courtyard views with the energising benefits of daylight. This infusion of natural light not only spotlights the vivacious atmosphere of Clarke Quay’s fountain area but also invigorates your meetings, making it a place where focus is sharpened and creative ideas bask in clarity. Beyond a simple meeting space, the Theatre Room is a bastion of comfort and inspiration, where the brilliance of the day enriches the narrative of every event.

HUONE Singapore Theatre Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Theatre Room – an event space drenched in natural daylight, overlooking the vibrant square of Clarke Quay, offering a well-lit stage for creativity and collaboration in the heart of the city.

Theatre Room - Customised for Diverse and Dynamic Events

Event Type Capacity Set up Style Description
Event Space / Function Room 131 people Theatre / Standing A grand stage for significant events, the Theatre Room combines spaciousness with the dynamic backdrop of Clarke Quay's courtyard.
Conference Breakout / Seminar Room 131 people Theatre Illuminate your seminars with natural daylight in a room that encourages interaction and inspiration.
Solemnisation Room 131 people Theatre / Standing Celebrate special moments in a room that's as enchanting and theatrical as the events it hosts.
Meeting Room 66 people Group tables An intimate setting with a view, perfect for focused sessions where collaboration and creativity take center stage.
Training Room / Classroom 66 people Classroom Ideal for educational endeavors, this space is suffused with daylight, ensuring a conducive learning environment.
Team Building Room 66 people Group tables Foster team spirit in a room that mirrors the collaborative vibe of the vibrant courtyard it overlooks.
Workshop Room 66 people Group tables A creative workshop haven where ideas flourish under the influence of the courtyard's historical charm.
Boardroom 24 people Boardroom Executive decisions are made brighter in the well-lit, comfortable confines of the Theatre Room boardroom.

A Hospitable Beginning at HUONE’s Theatre Room

At HUONE, every visit starts with our signature warm welcome, regardless of the room you’ve booked. As you arrive, our team, beaming with the international warmth known from Finland to Singapore, will usher you into the Theatre Room. Their smiles, as much a part of HUONE as the walls themselves, promise to start your event on a note of genuine hospitality. The Theatre Room, with its embrace of both the traditional and the innovative, awaits to transform your meeting into an act of collaborative success.

HUONE Singapore - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Experience the universal greeting of HUONE, where every member of our global family—from the frosty charms of Finland to the tropical buzz of Singapore—welcomes you with open arms and a promise of exceptional service.

Culinary Delights in the Theatre Room at HUONE

In the Theatre Room at HUONE Singapore, every meeting is complemented by a feast of flavours, from the culinary crafts of our in-house chefs to the diverse offerings of our esteemed catering partners. As you discuss and deliberate, savour a spread that’s been carefully curated to suit your event’s theme and tone. For those looking for a custom dining experience, we welcome you to bring your preferred caterer to serve within the Theatre Room’s buffet lines. In keeping with HUONE’s environmental ethos, we present all meals with biodegradable cutlery and plates, ensuring your event is as sustainable as it is satisfying. Porcelain options are available upon request for dining in designated areas, aligning with our commitment to elegance and responsibility.

HUONE Singapore Bar & Starbucks - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Whether it’s a bespoke menu from our kitchen or an external caterer, HUONE provides a dining experience that is both delightful and conscientious, ensuring that the sustenance of your guests is a seamless part of your Theatre Room event.

Culinary Delights in the Forest Room at HUONE

In the Forest Room at HUONE, your gatherings are not merely events but immersive experiences that elevate the senses. Here, culinary artistry meets the lush ambiance of a forest retreat, offering a diverse palette from our expert in-house chefs and esteemed catering partners. Choose from a range of menus, or personalise your dining experience with our flexible catering options, including the freedom to bring in your own choice of caterer for a truly customised feast. Mindful of our environment, we utilise biodegradable utensils for safety and sustainability, without compromising on elegance. Should your event call for traditional tableware, we gladly provide porcelain alternatives within our designated dining spaces, ensuring a harmonious blend of luxury and responsibility.

HUONE Singapore Theatre Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Savour the exquisite culinary selections in the Forest Room, where the natural backdrop and responsible dining options create an enchanting experience for your guests at HUONE.

Effortless Connectivity: The Theatre Room at HUONE’s Historic Locale

Situated amidst the vibrant and historical backdrop of Clarke Quay, the Theatre Room at HUONE Singapore is more than a destination—it’s the starting point of your event’s success story. A stone’s throw from the landmark Old Hill Street Police Station, our prized Theatre Room promises effortless access, just a short stroll from two main train stations and serviced by numerous bus routes. This accessibility is matched by the charm of our surroundings. Here, the past’s echoes and today’s vibrancy blend seamlessly, providing a rich tapestry of experiences right at our doorstep. From dining delights to the entertainment pulse of the city, your time with us is not just about meetings—it’s about moments that inspire and connect, in one of Singapore’s most celebrated historical squares.

HUONE Singapore Clarke Quay - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

With HUONE as your backdrop, the convenience and charisma of Clarke Quay are just moments away, perfect for guests seeking an experience steeped in Singapore’s storied heritage.

Green Principles in the Theatre Room at HUONE

Sustainability isn’t just a concept at HUONE; it’s a practice we embed in every aspect, including our Theatre Room. Beyond its inspiring view of Clarke Quay’s historic heart, the Theatre Room reflects our commitment to the environment. Eschewing single-use plastics, we serve with biodegradable materials, and we’ve thoughtfully excluded beef from our standard menus to lower our carbon footprint. These conscious choices ensure that while your events at HUONE leave a lasting impression, they tread lightly on the planet.

HUONE Singapore Sustainability - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

In every room, from Theatre to Cloud, HUONE champions sustainability, nurturing growth not just in ideas, but in our commitment to the environment.

Streamlining Your Event Planning: The Ease of Theatre Room at HUONE

Understanding that the art of planning the perfect meeting can be challenging, HUONE Singapore stands ready as your partner in this endeavour. The Theatre Room, nestled within our accommodating premises, is specifically crafted to transform your gatherings into notable occasions, fusing innovation with ease and ecological mindfulness. More than merely a venue, it’s a supportive setting that nurtures ideas and partnerships. Allow us to alleviate the stress of planning, and join us in curating not just an event, but a treasured memory in our Theatre Room, where every detail is attuned to facilitate a seamless and substantial experience.


  • HD Projector with Screen
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Genelec Sound System
  • Writing Materials (pens, post-its, paper)
  • 2 White boards with flip chart paper (additional flip chart at $25++)
  • Drink Station (Free Flow Coffee & Tea)
  • Event Coordinator Service
  • Creative Environment
No doubt about it - this is THE coolest event venue in Singapore!
Anja Mahrenholz

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