Nest Room

Suitable for max 33 persons


Discover the Nest Room: A Cocoon of Creativity and Comfort

Enter the Nest Room at HUONE Clarke Quay, where comfort and creativity merge to foster a unique meeting experience. Here, the warmth of a snug retreat combines with the freshness of innovative thought, transforming your meetings into intimate gatherings that inspire and energise. More than a mere event space, the Nest Room is a nurturing environment meticulously tailored for success and ease. Every aspect of the Nest Room is thought out to boost your meeting experience, from the cozy chairs that invite open dialogue to the serene balcony view that opens up the room to new perspectives. It is a space where teamwork and innovation take flight, making it the perfect setting for training sessions, team building activities, and engaging workshops.

HUONE Singapore - Nest Room

Nest – a multifunctional event space at HUONE Singapore, complete with Finnish charm and a balcony offering a quiet retreat for moments of reflection or casual conversations.

A Cozy Encounter with Creativity at HUONE Singapore

The charm of the Nest Room extends beyond its walls into the heart of HUONE Singapore’s thematic ensemble of spaces. This cozy corner is part of a larger narrative that unfolds throughout our venue, with each area offering its own unique flair. Engage with the lively common areas, where ideas begin to percolate among guests mingling over coffee or brainstorming on the fly. Then retreat to the quiet comfort of the Nest Room, your private haven for focused collaboration. HUONE Clarke Quay is not just about rooms; it’s about creating interconnected experiences where innovation and relaxation go hand-in-hand, ensuring your event is woven into a vibrant tapestry of creativity and connection.

HUONE Singapore - Common Area

Nest Room – nestled within HUONE’s network of versatile event spaces, this cozy room offers an intimate escape, perfect for deep discussions and team bonding, just steps away from our vibrant common areas.

Breathtaking Riverside Vistas from the Nest Room

Nestled within the heart of HUONE Clarke Quay, the Nest Room offers an intimate backdrop with a grand view. Overlooking the historic Singapore River, the room’s private balcony invites you to enjoy serene waterfront scenes that shift beautifully from the energetic daylight hustle of river life to the tranquil embrace of the evening, with lights dancing on the water’s surface. These captivating views enrich your events with natural splendour, inspiring great ideas and providing a refreshing interlude to the day’s agenda. At HUONE Singapore, the experience is more than just within the room; it’s about connecting with the environment around you, enhancing your event with every glance outward.

HUONE Singapore - Nest Room Balcony

Nest Room’s balcony view—where serene river vistas meet the charm of Clarke Quay, offering a restorative escape from the day’s discussions.

Nest Room - Tailored for Intimate and Engaging Gatherings

Event Type Capacity Set up Style Description
Event Space / Function Room 33 people Theatre / Standing An intimate setting that fosters warmth and interaction, the Nest Room is ideal for bespoke events seeking a cosy, inclusive atmosphere.
Conference Breakout / Seminar Room 33 people Theatre The Nest Room’s tranquil environment is conducive to focused learning and meaningful exchanges during conferences and seminars.
Solemisation Room 33 people Theatre / Standing With a naturally intimate vibe, the Nest Room provides a serene backdrop for couples taking their vows in a more secluded, romantic setting.
Meeting Room 17 people Group tables Tailored for engagement, this space ensures every voice is heard, making it perfect for intensive team discussions and collaborative sessions.
Training Room / Classroom 17 people Classroom Encouraging a close-knit learning environment, the room’s layout is designed to stimulate participation and enhance the educational experience.
Team Building Room 17 people Group tables A space crafted for connection, the Nest Room’s comfortable setting is just right for team-building activities that require a touch of privacy.
Workshop Room 17 people Group tables An inviting space that ignites creativity, the Nest Room encapsulates the essence of a constructive and nurturing workshop environment.
Boardroom 8 people Boardroom The Nest Room transforms into a distinguished boardroom, ideal for high-stakes discussions and executive decisions in a secure, private setting.

Experience the Embrace of HUONE’s Hospitality

From the moment you arrive at HUONE Clarke Quay, expect nothing less than a warm, personalized greeting that speaks to the heart of our service. Our dedicated team is here to welcome you with open arms and guide you to the Nest Room, an intimate enclave designed for effective engagement and collaboration. At HUONE, we understand that every detail matters, from the first smile of welcome to the last farewell. We ensure that every participant feels valued, and every session begins with positivity, setting the stage for a successful and seamless event.

HUONE Warm Welcome

Experience the warmth of HUONE’s hospitality as our team welcomes you to the Nest Room, ready to make your event experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Nest Room Refreshments: Elevate Your Experience

Just steps from the Nest Room at HUONE Clarke Quay, indulge in a world of flavor at our in-house bar and Starbucks station. Perfect for a quick espresso to invigorate your morning discussions or a handcrafted cocktail to conclude your day’s achievements, our adjacent refreshment area ensures your event is both productive and pleasurable. Our attentive staff are always on hand to craft your preferred beverage, infusing a note of sophistication into your Nest Room gathering.

In-house bar & starbucks

 Adjacent to the Nest Room, the HUONE Bar and Starbucks station offer convenient access to top-tier beverages, perfect for a quick break or a casual networking opportunity.

Nest Room – Culinary Delights for Every Palate

In the Nest Room at HUONE Clarke Quay, your meetings transcend the agenda to become fully-fledged experiences that delight the senses and inspire dialogue. Engage in an environment where culinary variety meets the needs of every diet and preference, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and choice. Whether opting for a curated menu from our seasoned catering partners or savoring dishes from our talented in-house kitchen team, your dining experience is tailored to your event’s specific taste. For those preferring a more personalized touch, the Nest Room’s buffet lines can be customized with your own selected caterer, ensuring that every meal is not just satisfying, but also uniquely yours.

HUONE Singapore - Nest Room Catering

Diverse dining options are just steps away from the Nest Room, featuring a variety of choices from HUONE’s catering partners or our dedicated in-house chef, making every meal a memorable part of your event.

Nest Room – Where Accessibility Meets Heritage at Clarke Quay

Nestled within Clarke Quay’s historic charm, the Nest Room at HUONE Singapore is as convenient as it is captivating. A mere stroll away from two major train stations – Fort Canning and Clarke Quay – our venue is a testament to the ease of access, complemented by numerous bus routes. This historical riverside locale is more than a backdrop; it’s an extension of the meeting experience. It hums with life, offering a plethora of dining, shopping, and entertainment venues where modern vibrancy meets the richness of the past. While HUONE is your destination for meetings and events, Clarke Quay invites your team to connect with the locale’s vivacious spirit, ensuring the journey to and from our venue is an integral chapter in your event’s story.

Clarke Quay surrounding areas

Surrounded by the iconic scenery of Clarke Quay, the Nest Room in HUONE sits within a heritage building, offering a blend of convenience, culture, and connectivity, just moments away from the bustling Singapore River.

Nest Room – A Commitment to Eco-Friendly Meetings

HUONE Singapore is deeply rooted in sustainability, and this philosophy extends to the Nest Room. We prioritise the environment by featuring water coolers to reduce the use of plastic bottles and offering biodegradable cutlery to lessen our environmental impact. Our menus are thoughtfully crafted to avoid beef, considering the significant ecological footprint of its production. We believe in providing a meeting experience that not only fosters productivity and creativity but also cares for our planet.

Sustainability at HUONE

Nest Room at HUONE Singapore – where sustainability is interwoven with every aspect of your meeting, from the food we serve to the way we manage waste, contributing to a greener tomorrow.

In Conclusion: Effortless Event Planning at HUONE

Understanding that orchestrating the ideal meeting can be challenging, HUONE is dedicated to assisting you at each step. In the Nest Room at HUONE Singapore, we craft an atmosphere where convenience meets sustainability, ensuring your gatherings are not just productive but also meaningful. It’s more than a venue; it’s an all-encompassing experience where attention to detail and customer care create a stress-free environment. Allow us to support you in orchestrating an event that is as memorable as it is seamless.


  • 65” Samsung TV with HDMI/VGA Input
  • High-Speed Wifi
  • Genelec Sound System
  • Writing Materials (pens, post-its, paper)
  • 1 White board with flip chart paper (additional flip chart at $25++)
  • Drink Station (Free Flow Coffee & Tea)
  • Event Coordinator Service
  • Access to Private Balcony
  • Creative Environment
Interesting concept for event spaces in the middle of good ol Clarke Quay! Definitely recommended for product launches and networking events!
Angie Puan

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