Nestled in the bustling Clarke Quay, HUONE is redefining the meeting and event space landscape in Singapore. Perched on the third level of the riverside leisure complex, just above popular eateries like Hooters and Hai Di Lao, HUONE covers 20,000 square feet and welcomes visitors with a swanky entryway akin to a luxury hotel.

Our venue, known as an “events hotel,” offers 11 themed meeting rooms. These spaces break away from the mundane, conventional boardroom format, accommodating groups ranging from 5 to over 150 participants. The diverse themes of our rooms—from a cozy cottage and an industrial warehouse to a chic fashion runway and a tranquil forest—provide the perfect backdrop for events that go beyond typical corporate meetings. By integrating exemplary Finnish brands like Fiskars (Iittala), Framery, Kyrö Distillery, and Genelec, we ensure that every aspect of your event, from the world’s best gin and tonic to crystal-clear acoustic solutions, is nothing short of spectacular.


How is HUONE Singapore different from traditional meeting or function spaces?

HUONE's Unique Features

1. Breathtaking Singapore River views and natural daylight

The presence of large windows allows natural light to brighten the space, enhancing the overall mood and effectiveness of events held. Private balconies provide serene vantage points, opening up to the vibrant energy of Clarke Quay’s bustling activities. Whether used for strategy sessions during the day or celebrations at night, these balconies offer breathtaking river views that transform into tranquil retreats as the city lights dance on the water’s surface at nightfall.

2. Location and Accessibility

Easily accessible, the venue is a stroll away from Fort Canning and Clarke Quay MRT stations, with ample parking and numerous bus routes serving the area. Surrounded by a myriad of leisure and entertainment options, HUONE provides guests with the convenience to explore the area’s storied riverfront heritage and vibrant nightlife, making it a perfect starting point for any event.

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3. Catering options for your all: halal choices, in-house bar and more

Our in-house bar and Starbucks create a relaxing space for drinks, ranging from expertly crafted cocktails to freshly brewed coffees. Available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after-work drinks, our catering services include canapés and dinner packages that accommodate all dietary needs with selections from Halal-certified partners and our Halal-sourced in-house kitchen. Guests may also choose to bring their own caterer, as we have individual buffet lines for each event space, along with options for outdoor or balcony dining, ensure every meal is a delight.

4. Sustainable Venue

We minimize our environmental impact through practices such as using water dispensers instead of plastic bottles, providing biodegradable cutlery, and promoting recycling. Our menus feature beef-free options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we serve organic, Fairtrade coffee and tea. Energy-efficient practices, such as moderated room temperatures and efficient cleaning schedules, underscore our dedication to eco-friendly operations.

5. 24 Hours Online Booking System & Instant Confirmation

Our user-friendly online reservation system make booking convenient, allowing you to secure your space anytime, anywhere. Whether you are making a preliminary inquiry or ready to finalize your event, our all-inclusive meeting packages provide everything needed at surprisingly affordable prices.

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6. Competitively priced venue packages

At HUONE, our thematic rooms can be booked by largely two options: Meeting Packages, and Space Only.

  • Meeting packages, are counted by each person attending and include everything you need for your meeting here (food, stationary, beverages, flip charts). See Pricing page for more information.
  • Space only, does not include any food or beverages. This is a great option for filming where you just need our bare thematic rooms. See our Pricing page for more information.

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Event Spaces Singapore, Clarke Quay

Cloud Room

Suitable for max 24 persons

Cottage Room

Suitable for max 41 persons

Forest Room

Suitable for max 150 persons

Igloo Room

Suitable for max 24 persons

Nest Room

Suitable for max 33 persons

Runway Room

Suitable for max 69 persons

Sandbox Room

Suitable for max 37 persons

Swing Room

Suitable for max 39 persons

Theatre Room

Suitable for max 131 persons

Time Room

Suitable for max 67 persons

Warehouse Room

Suitable for max 53 persons