Meeting rooms Singapore, Clarke Quay

Cloud Room

Suitable for max 24 persons

Cottage Room

Suitable for max 41 persons

Forest Room

Suitable for max 150 persons

Igloo Room

Suitable for max 24 persons

Nest Room

Suitable for max 33 persons

Runway Room

Suitable for max 69 persons

Sandbox Room

Suitable for max 37 persons

Swing Room

Suitable for max 39 persons

Theatre Room

Suitable for max 131 persons

Time Room

Suitable for max 67 persons

Warehouse Room

Suitable for max 53 persons

Breathtaking Singapore River views and natural daylight

Explore the dynamic allure of HUONE’s meeting spaces, each offering a unique blend of modern versatility and scenic charm along the Singapore Riverfront. Every meeting room is bright, airy, and imbued with its own distinctive aesthetic unlike the traditional four-walled hotel meeting venues in Singapore, making them perfect spaces for anything from intense strategy sessions to exuberant celebrations. Large windows allow natural light to enhance productivity and creativity, particularly beneficial during longer meetings. This illumination makes spaces feel more open and inviting. Each room’s private balcony serves as a serene vantage point, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of Singapore’s bustling activities. Daytime brings breathtaking river views, while nightfall transforms the meeting venue into a tranquil retreat where the city’s lights dance and shimmer on the water’s surface, creating a picturesque scene that captivates and delights.

Stunning riverview and natural daylight

A meeting space to connect and reflect, offering expansive views of the Clarke Quay river, a blend of natural beauty and urban charm, by day or by night.

Award winning HUONE at Clarke Quay: a gateway to both history and convenience

Nestled along the historic Singapore River, HUONE unites the charm of its architectural heritage with modern functionality, making every meeting a part of the vibrant tapestry of Clarke Quay. Centrally located and easily accessible, HUONE is just a stroll away from Fort Canning and Clarke Quay MRT stations, with ample parking and numerous bus routes serving the area. This venue doesn’t just offer easy access; it invites guests to immerse themselves in a culturally-rich setting, surrounded by diverse day and night leisure and entertainment options for after-work activities. Whether hosting a meeting during the day or an event by night, HUONE serves as a perfect starting point to explore the area’s storied riverfront heritage. Guests are encouraged to use public transportation, aligning with HUONE’s commitment to sustainability and ease of access.

A centrally located conference venue in Singapore

HUONE Singapore, a centrally located meeting venue at Clarke Quay Singapore.

Catering options for your meeting: halal choices in house and more

At HUONE, we enhance your meeting with diverse catering options. Our in-house bar and Starbucks just steps away from every room offer a relaxing space for drinks, from expertly crafted cocktails to freshly brewed coffees. Available are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after-work drinks, including canapés and dinner packages. We cater to all dietary needs with selections from Halal-certified partners and our Halal-sourced in-house kitchen, or you may opt to bring your own external caterer. Our venue feature individual buffet lines for each meeting room, and offer outdoor or balcony dining. Complimentary house coffee, tea flow freely throughout your meeting. We respect and cater to all dietary preferences, maintaining eco-friendly practices with biodegradable cutlery for outdoor dining.

The HUONE Bar & Starbucks, situated just steps away from the meeting rooms, offers quality refreshments to enhance your event.

The individual buffet lines and HUONE Bar & Starbucks, situated just steps away from the meeting rooms, offers quality refreshments to enhance your meetings.

Sustainable Meeting Rooms: Doing our part for the future

At HUONE, our commitment to sustainability shapes every meeting. We minimise environmental impact through practices like using water dispensers instead of plastic bottles and providing biodegradable cutlery and tableware. Our menus are beef-free to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and for formal meetings, we offer elegant porcelain options. We promote the use of public transportation and recycled materials, including in our staff uniforms. Digitising processes and careful material procurement help reduce waste, while energy-efficient practices such as moderated room temperatures and efficient cleaning schedules are standard. We serve organic and Fairtrade coffee and tea enhancing our eco-friendly operations. Our sustainability efforts extend to engaging guests in recycling and energy conservation, ensuring that every meeting held at HUONE not only succeeds but does so responsibly.

Sustainability measures at HUONE Singapore

Sustainability measures at HUONE Singapore

Special rates till August 2024, and incredible ease of bookings online 24/7

Discover exceptional value at HUONE, your premier destination for affordable thematic meeting spaces in Singapore. With our online reservation system, you can view availability, make preliminary non-binding bookings, or confirm your reservation anytime and anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of instant confirmations and our commitment to respond within 24 working hours to all your inquiries, ensuring swift communication via email or phone to finalise your plans. Our all-inclusive meeting packages provide everything needed for your meeting just like a hotel meeting room package, including food, beverages, stationery, and flip charts, all at surprisingly affordable prices. Whether making a preliminary enquiry or securing your meeting space with a payment, our system is designed for ease, allowing you to transform your thematic vision into reality without exceeding your budget. Contact us at +65 6255 4793 or email for prompt quotations and to learn how HUONE can offer exceptional value that outshines the competition.

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Room Rental Rates - Includes Food and Beverage (Up to 41% Off - 1st April to 31 August 2024!)

Rooms Capacity (Min to Max) Half Day Rental From Includes Teabreak & Lunch For Full Day Rental From Includes 2 Teabreaks & Lunch For Theatre Style Seating Group / Classroom Style Seating
Igloo Room 5 - 24 people $330++ 5 people $445++ 5 people 24 people 12 people
Cloud Room 7 - 24 people $462++ 7 people $623++ 7 people 24 people 12 people
Nest Room 8 - 33 people $528++ 8 people $712++ 8 people 33 people 17 people
Sandbox Room 10 - 37 people $726++ 11 people $979++ 11 people 37 people 18 people
Swing Room 10 - 39 people $726++ 11 people $979++ 11 people 39 people 19 people
Cottage Room 13 - 41 people $924++ 14 people $1,246++ 14 people 41 people 21 people
Warehouse Room 15 - 53 people $1,056++ 16 people $1,424++ 16 people 53 people 27 people
Time Room 18 - 67 people $1,254++ 19 people $1,691++ 19 people 67 people 33 people
Runway Room 25 - 69 people $1,716++ 26 people $2,314++ 26 people 69 people 34 people
Theatre Room 42 - 131 people $2,904++ 44 people $3,916++ 44 people 131 people 66 people
Forest Room 47 - 150 people $3,300++ 50 people $4,450++ 50 people 150 people 90 people
HUONE Clarke Quay Up to 669 people $16,260++ 246 people $23,150++ 260 people 699 people 349 people