Time Room

Suitable for max 67 persons


Embracing the Moment at the Time Room: A Haven for Progressive Ideas and Engagements

Enter the Time Room at HUONE Clarke Quay, where the spirit of the present moment energises every meeting and workshop. Enclosed within walls that echo with contemporary chic, this space channels the essence of ‘now’ into a fertile ground for dialogue and innovation. In the Time Room, we celebrate the power of the immediate, tailoring the environment for success and comfort with cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art facilities. This room serves as a creative catalyst, sparking inspiration and fostering teamwork, perfect for strategy sessions, collaborative projects, and transformative training workshops. It’s a place not just of function, but of inspiration, where the synergy of the present converges with the promise of tomorrow, cultivating an event that will be remembered long after the last handshake.

HUONE's Time Room: Dynamic event space within thematic setting, Singapore, customizable tech setup

Time Room – a space that resonates with the dynamic pulse of the present, from productive team sessions to inspirational training workshops, complete with the door entrance displaying the room’s name in Finnish and an inviting glimpse of the balcony.

An Unforgettable Experience in the Time Room: Where Modernity Meets Collaboration

The Time Room at HUONE Singapore is not merely a space – it is an evolving story where time and creativity intersect. As part of HUONE’s diverse ecosystem of themed venues, the Time Room is a narrative space where the past, present, and future mingle to inspire and energize every event. From the eclectic, modern décor to the inviting lounge areas, every corner is a backdrop for innovation and interaction. The seamless transition from the communal buzz at HUONE’s common areas to the focused atmosphere of the Time Room ensures a comprehensive experience. Every meeting here is more than an appointment on the calendar; it’s an opportunity to foster teamwork, spark innovative ideas, and connect on a deeper level. Our dedication to a seamlessly engaging experience guarantees that your event transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.

HUONE Singapore Common Area - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Time Room – where vibrant meetings and relaxed networking coalesce, showcasing the eclectic common spaces and themed rooms at HUONE, inviting a sense of shared moments and collective growth.

Majestic River Vistas at the Time Room: Day’s Warmth to Night’s Glow

The Time Room at HUONE Clarke Quay is renowned not just for its engaging meeting space, but also for the breathtaking views it offers of the Singapore River. Here, time is marked by the natural beauty of the surroundings; the daylight hours are filled with the vibrant life along the river, creating an energising backdrop for your meetings. As dusk turns to evening, the area becomes a canvas painted with the lights of the city, reflecting on the calm waters. This transformation from day to night is not just a visual delight but an inspiration, infusing your events with an ambience that is both tranquil and stimulating. It’s these views that elevate the ordinary to extraordinary, with balconies that provide the perfect viewpoint for guests to pause and appreciate. With a perspective that’s as expansive as the opportunities it nurtures, the Time Room ensures a lasting impression, making each moment not just a minute passed, but a memory made.

HUONE Singapore Time Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Time Room’s private balcony – a space to connect and reflect, offering expansive views of the Singapore skyline, a blend of natural beauty and urban charm, by day or by night.

Time Room - A Symphony of Moments for Every Occasion

Event Type Capacity Set up Style Description
Event Space / Function Room 67 people Theatre / Standing An expansive venue within HUONE, the Time Room is a canvas for interesting events, offering dynamic configurations to echo the lively spirit of HUONE.
Conference / Seminar Room 67 people Theatre This room is a nexus for knowledge exchange, with a spacious layout that fosters engagement and learning.
Solemnisation Room 67 people Theatre / Standing With its elegant setup, the Time Room provides a different take on for a solemisation
Meeting Room 33 people Group tables The Time Room presents a focused atmosphere for strategic discussions, supported by a stimulating and modern design.
Training Room / Classroom 33 people Classroom Designed for development, the Time Room facilitates learning with its state-of-the-art features and inspiring environment.
Team Building Room 33 people Group tables Encourage team synergy in the Time Room, a space that energises and unites through its creative design and adaptable space.
Workshop Room 33 people Group tables The Time Room is an incubator for ideas, offering an environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.
Boardroom 10 people Boardroom A distinguished space for executive meetings, the Time Room offers privacy and sophistication, complete with cutting-edge amenities.

A Warm Welcome Awaits You at the Time Room

From the moment you step into HUONE Clarke Quay, our friendly team offers a personalised welcome that guides you seamlessly to the Time Room. It’s more than a transition—it’s an introduction to an atmosphere where global warmth meets local charm. Your experience at HUONE starts with smiles that span continents, from the warmth of Finland to the vibrancy of Singapore, ensuring the beginning of your event is as memorable as the location itself.

HUONE Singapore - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Experience HUONE’s global hospitality that shines from Finland to Singapore, making every guest feel at home

In-House Bar and Starbucks: Unwind in Ease

Complement your gathering with our laid-back in-house bar and Starbucks station located just a stone’s throw from the Time room. Whether you’re seeking a morning espresso to kickstart your day or a casual drink to unwind, our welcoming team is on hand to serve the perfect beverage, adding a relaxed touch to your event experience. It’s all about comfort here at HUONE Singapore, where every sip comes with ease, not pretence.

HUONE Singapore Bar & Starbucks - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

The HUONE Bar is a relaxed spot right next to the Time room, offering quality beverages to elevate your meeting experience.

Tantalising Catering Selections

In the Time Room at HUONE Singapore, every meeting transcends to an adventure for the palate. This space isn’t confined to the conventional; it’s a canvas for culinary artistry and variety. Our diverse catering options, featuring menus from esteemed partners to creations from our own kitchen, promise an array of flavours. With self-service buffet lines, and even the option for guests to coordinate their own caterers, flexibility is the seasoning that makes every meal here unique. Committed to sustainability, and due to the Time Room’s balcony access, we utilise biodegradable utensils and plates to ensure safety without sacrificing responsibility. Porcelain is available upon request, confining dining to designated areas, ensuring that every meal enriches your event within our tranquil, yet inspiring, event space.

HUONE Singapore Time Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

HUONE’s commitment to a sustainable and personalised dining experience shines, catering to your taste and event’s theme, whether it’s a vibrant training session or a reflective team-building retreat.

Prime Location HUONE: Embrace the Energy of Clarke Quay

Perched along the bustling riverside, HUONE at Clarke Quay is not only a meeting venue but a slice of Singapore’s pulsating history. The Time Room, located within this storied building, is a bridge between past and present. Just a swift walk from Fort Canning and Clarke Quay stations, HUONE’s accessibility is unmatched, with numerous bus routes adding to the convenience. Beyond the doors of the Time Room, the area vibrates with life, echoing with the energy of riverside activities, minus the thrum of popular nightclubs to preserve the serene atmosphere. Clarke Quay is more than a place; it’s a vibrant journey from the moment you arrive, filled with diverse attractions, each visit promising new discoveries and lasting memories.

HUONE Singapore Clarke Quay - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

HUONE’s Time Room, an event space designed for every occasion, effortlessly blends the historical charm of Clarke Quay with modern functionality, accessible by all modes of transport.

Green Initiatives at HUONE: The Time Room’s Commitment to the Planet

HUONE’s dedication to sustainability is deeply woven into the fabric of our services, particularly within the Time Room. Here, we forgo single-use plastics and offer water coolers for an eco-friendlier hydration alternative. Our commitment extends to the use of biodegradable cutlery and plates, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Moreover, mindful of our environmental impact, beef is notably absent from our standard menu options due to its ecological implications. These conscious choices underscore our dedication to fostering a sustainable future, ensuring that our operations harmonise with ecological well-being.

HUONE Singapore Sustainability - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

HUONE Singapore leads by example, showing how businesses can integrate green practices, from our event spaces like the Time Room to our day-to-day operations.

Concluding Thoughts: Streamlining Your Planning Process at HUONE

Recognising the challenges of orchestrating the ideal meeting, HUONE is your dedicated partner, guiding you at every step. In the Time Room at HUONE Clarke Quay, we convert your sessions into unforgettable experiences that marry innovation with ease and sustainability. The Time Room is an ecosystem of support where your concepts take flight in a nurturing environment. From its thoughtful design to its state-of-the-art facilities, every element is intended to alleviate the pressures of planning. Allow us to be part of your journey, crafting not only a successful meeting but an enduring memory to be valued.


  • HD Projector with screen
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Genelec Sound System
  • Writing Materials (pens, post-its, paper)
  • 2 White board with flip chart paper (additional flip chart at $25++)
  • Drink Station (Free Flow Coffee & Tea)
  • Event Coordinator Service
  • Access to Private Balcony
  • Creative Environment
Unique, fun spaces with positive vibes.
Chew Jia Tian

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