Cottage Room

Suitable for max 41 persons


Embrace the Charm of the Cottage Room: A Nostalgic Retreat of Comfort and Ingenuity

Welcome to the Cottage Room at HUONE Singapore, where the warmth of tradition and the spark of innovation come together. This room is a cosy retreat that calls to mind the serenity of a countryside haven, inspiring sessions that combine comfort with creative thought. Every aspect of the Cottage Room is meticulously crafted to elevate your meetings. Evoking the timeless appeal of a rustic setting, it presents a tranquil, homely atmosphere that spurs collaborative and reflective thinking. Here, amidst walls that echo with stories and a setting that’s touched by nature, your meetings become an oasis of productive tranquillity. Ideal for team strategy sessions, workshops, and intimate brainstorming, the Cottage Room is where memories are made and ideas come to life.

HUONE Singapore Cottage Room - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

Cottage – an event space steeped in nostalgic charm, from deep discussions to relaxed gatherings, the balcony offering a glimpse of Finnish tranquillity right at HUONE Clarke Quay

A Seamless Journey Through Thematic Event Elegance at HUONE

Venture into the Cottage Room at HUONE Clarke Quay, where each detail weaves a story of heritage and charm. Within HUONE’s creative sphere, the Cottage Room draws upon the collective spirit of our themed meeting spaces. From the welcoming communal areas brimming with collaboration potential to the serenity of your private meeting haven, the Cottage Room experience is about merging the quaint allure of tradition with modern meeting needs. Each aspect, from the rustic décor to the soothing ambience, is crafted to immerse you in a narrative that transcends the confines of typical meeting spaces, fostering innovation and fostering meaningful connections.

HUONE Singapore Common Areas - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

HUONE Clarke Quay encapsulates the nostalgic essence and scenic tranquillity of HUONE’s diverse event spaces, ideal for creating your unique event narrative

Spectacular Views of the Singapore River: Day and Night

The allure of the Cottage Room at HUONE Clarke Quay is its intimate view of the Singapore River, transforming from a serene waterway by day into a dazzling spectacle at night. The balconies of the Cottage Room are your private lookout to the river’s timeless beauty, offering a unique vantage point from dawn till dusk. As sunlight wanes, the riverfront comes alive with lights, mirroring the twinkling stars above, a perfect backdrop for your evening events. This harmonious blend of nature and urban elegance not only enriches your gatherings but also ignites the imagination, turning every occasion into an unforgettable experience.

HUONE Singapore Cottage Room - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

The Cottage Room at HUONE, featuring thematic interiors and balcony views, captures the tranquil yet vibrant spirit of Singapore’s riverside day and night.

Cottage Room - Tailored for Cozy Gatherings and Reflective Sessions

Event Type Capacity Set up Style Description
Event Space / Function Room 41 people Theatre / Standing A charming retreat that encapsulates the warmth of HUONE, perfect for intimate events that benefit from a cosy atmosphere.
Conference / Seminar Room 41 people Theatre A conducive setting for interactive sessions where the Cottage Room’s homely touch encourages engagement.
Solemnisation Room 41 people Theatre / Standing A venue that speaks to the heart, the Cottage Room offers an intimate backdrop for special moments.
Meeting Room 21 people Group tables A snug space that fosters focused discussions and personal connection, with the quaint charm of the Cottage Room.
Training Room/Classroom 21 people Classroom Where learning meets comfort, the Cottage Room provides a nurturing environment for educational pursuits.
Team Building Room 21 people Group tables Designed to strengthen teams with its welcoming and supportive ambiance, encouraging collaboration.
Workshop Room 21 people Group tables A space where creativity flourishes, supported by the Cottage Room’s inspirational and tranquil setting.
Boardroom 8 people Boardroom An exclusive enclave for high-stakes discussions, where the serenity of the Cottage enhances focus and clarity.

A Heartfelt Greeting Awaits at HUONE

Your journey at HUONE begins with a warm, personalised greeting. Upon arrival, our hospitable team is on hand to escort you to the Cottage Room, ensuring a smooth commencement to your gathering.

At HUONE, it’s not just about the rooms—it’s about the experience that starts right at the entrance. Our Cottage Room, like every space at HUONE, is an extension of our global warmth, present in Denmark, Finland, and Singapore. It’s a space where the HUONE spirit of heartfelt service meets the cosiness and charm of a cottage setting.

HUONE Singapore - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

You’ll experience the welcoming HUONE spirit that spans across continents, from the vibrant heart of Singapore to the serene landscapes of Finland and Denmark

Cottage Room Comforts: Unwind and Recharge

Elevate your gathering with the convenience of our adjacent bar and Starbucks station, a stone’s throw from the Cottage Room. Whether you’re craving a kick of espresso to invigorate your meeting or a soothing drink to unwind, our team stands ready to serve the perfect beverage to complement your event, enhancing the laid-back, welcoming atmosphere of HUONE.

At HUONE, relaxation is integral to our ethos, and the Cottage Room’s proximity to casual refreshments underscores our commitment to creating a relaxed environment. It’s a space where luxury is not about opulence but about the comfort and ease that allow for meaningful interactions and creativity to flourish.

HUONE Singapore Bar & Starbucks - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

The HUONE Bar, a casual spot for quality refreshments just a short walk from the Cottage Room, perfect for a laid-back break or a casual conversation

Culinary Delights in the Cottage Room

In the Cottage Room at HUONE, we transform every gathering into an exceptional experience. Our diverse culinary offerings extend from a selection of expertly curated menus by our in-house kitchen to the delightful creations of our esteemed catering partners. With the option for personalised buffet lines, guests even have the freedom to bring their preferred caterer. It’s an invitation to indulge in a feast of flavours while basking in the room’s rustic charm and warmth.

Every meal at the Cottage Room becomes part of the memories you craft, underscored by our commitment to sustainability. To ensure a safe and environmentally conscious dining experience, especially when enjoying the fresh air on our private balconies, we offer biodegradable utensils and plates. Should your event require, we can arrange for elegant porcelain service within designated dining areas, prioritising safety without compromising on sophistication.

HUONE Singapore Cottage Room - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

The HUONE team, ready to serve up culinary excellence in an array of styles, capturing the essence of international hospitality across our global locations in Singapore, Denmark, and Finland

Centrally Situated HUONE: The Historic Charm of Clarke Quay

Nestled in the lively Clarke Quay, with HUONE’s historical facade gracing the riverside, the Cottage Room lies at the heart of Singapore’s pulsating heritage. Just a brief walk from Fort Canning and Clarke Quay stations, the venue is a gem of convenience. Multiple bus routes augment the ease of access, ensuring your arrival is as seamless as the events themselves.

Clarke Quay is more than a mere location; it’s a narrative woven into the fabric of the city. A narrative that HUONE is proud to be part of. Here, the past and present converge, creating a vibrant tapestry of experiences. While we steer clear of the bustling nightclubs, the area remains an enclave of zest and life, perfect for immersing yourself in after a day of meetings or events. With HUONE at its core, Clarke Quay transforms into an extension of our ethos – where every event is an immersive journey into Singapore’s rich tapestry of culture and history.

HUONE Clarke Quay - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

HUONE sits in the historical heart of Singapore, providing a sanctuary of heritage and accessibility, just a stone’s throw away from the myriad experiences Clarke Quay has to offer.

Rooted in Eco-consciousness: HUONE’s Cottage Room

At HUONE Singapore, the Cottage Room is an embodiment of our dedication to sustainability. Just as a cottage harmonises with nature, we strive to provide a meeting environment that respects our planet. Our commitment extends to offering water dispensers to diminish plastic waste and supplying biodegradable utensils to ensure our practices are eco-friendly. While we offer a diverse array of culinary delights from our partners and in-house kitchen, we also welcome external caterers to align with your unique preferences. In keeping with our green philosophy, we encourage the use of biodegradable materials, especially for events utilising our scenic balconies to mitigate any risk to the environment below. For those desiring traditional elegance, porcelain is an option within designated dining spaces, preserving both sophistication and sustainability.

HUONE Singapore Sustainability - Event Space, Meeting Room, Function Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Workshop Room, Training Room, Classroom

HUONE Singapore takes pride in fostering a green approach across its event spaces, contributing to a sustainable future.

Easing Your Event Planning: The HUONE Touch

Navigating the complexities of event planning can be a demanding task. At HUONE Singapore, we understand this challenge and stand ready to guide you at every turn. The Cottage Room, a warm and inviting space, is designed to transform your meetings into occasions of comfort and ease. At HUONE, we believe in more than just providing a space; we offer a full-fledged support system where creativity and strategy align effortlessly. With the Cottage Room’s homely charm and our commitment to seamless service, you’ll find the journey of planning an event as enjoyable as the event itself. Allow us to partner with you in crafting not only a successful meeting but also a memorable experience to treasure.


  • 74” Samsung TV with HDMI/VGA Input
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Genelec Sound System
  • Writing Materials (pens, post-its, paper)
  • 2 White boards with flip chart paper (additional flip chart at $25++)
  • Drink Station (Free Flow Coffee & Tea)
  • Access to Private Balcony
  • Event Coordinator Service
  • Creative Environment
This venue makes meetings and cooperation more productive, fun and creative. Also great food and 5 star service!
Mikko Jarrah

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