Aalto EE tells about their event at HUONE Singapore

Huone Singapore hosted a group from Aalto EE that had participants visiting Singapore all the way from Finland!

Luckily the group of Finns had the chance to relieve homesickness at HUONE Singapore by taking a stroll in the Finnish Forest (Metsä) while visiting the Cottage (Mökki), not to forget the snowy views from our Igloo Room! We hope you enjoyed the Finnish atmosphere and felt right at home while staying with us!

We stole a few moments of the precious time of the program director Jenyce and project Manager Zach to tell us about their event and why they chose us as their go-to venue.

Q1: What kind of event is this?

Aalto EE is actually related to the Aalto University in Finland so we are a Finnish company. This one is a study tour for people from Finland. We are operating quite well in the Asia-Pacific actually, Taiwan, Indonesia etc, and we are trying to reach out to more people here too. We are actually in the top 50 executive education organizations. So basically we provide trainings for medium to top management focusing on leadership management.

We have trainers from Finland or Europe, but for this one, we have trainers either from here or have lived here for many years. Because the purpose of this study tour is more like an exchange, they come here to learn more about Singapore, like how it achieves such success within the last 50 years, they want to know how Singapore approach education and such. So this group come from various backgrounds: healthcare, education, supply chain etc. They are actually from two existing programs in Finland and this is a “joko study tour” so they come here to learn about Singapore, we have trips like this to other countries too for Singaporeans.

Q2: Why did you choose HUONE?

So we used to have a city campus but then we moved to a new office and there’s no more training space so we now have partners and we use their resources. We chose HUONE because we don’t want a boring hotel room with concrete walls. It’s always just classroom sitting in hotel rooms and we don’t want that.

So for this group, because they are from Finland, we wanted to bring them here to give them a piece of Finland because this is a Finnish company too. Because you know everyone likes a piece of home, that familiarity. Also the Finnish people like sunlight a lot because they don’t get a lot of sunlight in Finland, so we really like the rooms here with natural daylight and they could go to the balcony for breaks and such.

We hope that your day was successful at Huone Singapore and we hope to see you again soon!

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