Laura – How the First Employee of HUONE became CEO of HUONE Helsinki

In January 2018, HUONE announced its further expansion with a new unit in Helsinki, after a successful opening in Singapore. It was also time for Laura Tomula to step up to the position of CEO of HUONE Helsinki.

Laura is not just the first employee of HUONE, she is someone who has always been there, better or worst. She is extremely capable, responsible, and determine. It is our honour to witness her growth with HUONE from an event coordinator to CEO of an unit. As the whole HUONE Group grows, our young diverse talents grow with us too, which is so motivating.” says Evon Söderlund, Group CEO and founder.

The HUONE chapter opened for Laura in August 2012, when she started as the first employee of the future events hotel. At that point, HUONE did not even physically exist – Laura worked from the founders’ home office in their rented apartment. Together with the founders of HUONE, she was through all the heaven and hell on the way to success: unloading huge trucks with the furniture at HUONE’s entrance; or hosting pre-Christmas parties at the site, which was still partly under construction. However, already only one year later Laura was the one standing on the stage, giving the speech and holding the Evento award, which HUONE was granted as the Best Event Venue of 2014.

For those who work today in HUONE, Laura is not just a colleague. She is their big sister – smiling, happy, fair and very honest.

“I wouldn’t imagine anything better than HUONE full of smiling people all day and night”, says Laura.