More Than a Meeting

HUONE is open throughout the evening because we know the best networking and relationship building happens over food and drinks. Cut loose with your colleagues and celebrate a job well done, an anniversary, or a holiday. HUONE covers every detail in organizing your corporate events. If you want something more for your celebration our Event Coordinators are full of ideas. Make your event stand out with a dance party or a James Bond-themed casino evening. We do all this without middlemen so you can enjoy the smoothest mid-sized corporate events.

“10/10 the best location to host team meetings. The rooms and entire place are beautifully set up, with attentive and helpful staff who help sort out the tech set-up for you. They have a Starbucks as well in the canteen and provide yummy food as well. Big shout out to Raymond who patiently answered all my questions, and to the friendly staff who took care of my team.”

Lina Marican, Mutant Communications

Corporate Events at Day

Sometimes you just want to do something fun during the day. Be that a breakfast seminar, a launch party, a press event, or a company picnic, HUONE will handle everything. You can focus on what’s most important to you and your team and have a good time. The beauty of HUONE is that you can easily incorporate food and beverages and entertainment to your corporate events.

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Social Events at Night

HUONE is the place for your holiday parties, company anniversaries, auctions, fundraisers, and other fun events. Each of our rooms, while designed with great deliberation, is flexible and customizable. They are made to suit just about any purpose or theme. Tables and chairs can be rearranged, dance floors can be lit, and equipment set up. HUONE knows what you need and can make it happen. 

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So Many Possibilities

HUONE has a room, a hall, a bar or a center for all your corporate events. The versatile and functional rooms of HUONE are the spark you need to make your event stand out. They are the perfect venue to organize a great day that everyone will remember.

Corporate Anniversary

There’s a time to celebrate your success, and there’s a place to celebrate it – HUONE. Reward your team for a job well done with a relaxing evening of refreshments and entertainment.

Networking Event

Organise your business networking event at HUONE and transform a group into a community. The venue is crucial for a successful networking event. Located at the heart of Central Clarke Quay, HUONE Singapore is a unique venue for the occasion. We make sure the event flows smoothly without any distractions so that your guests can focus on what’s important —people.

Holiday Party

There are great reasons to celebrate all through the year. HUONE can help you set up the right atmosphere for all company holiday events. Everything is possible, whether you’re following age-old holiday traditions or taking a more modern approach to the festivities.

Company Gala

A black-tie event, a costume party or a fundraiser, class is a matter of care. And HUONE cares for you. Whatever the level of formality your event requires, we organize gala events as well as more relaxed social gatherings.

Customer Event

Treat your customers like royalty and relax as HUONE handles everything. Planning entertainment for customers can take great effort, but with us you can be sure everything is taken care of. All you need to do is enjoy yourself with your guests.

Kick Off

Starting a new project or launching a new product is always exciting. HUONE will match your excitement in everything we do. We’ll make sure the event is full of energy that gets your guests to share your enthusiasm.

Team Get-Together

Bond with your colleagues over barbeque or drinks and tapas. If you need suggestions, we can offer many ideas for fun and relaxing group activities. The versatile HUONE rooms are suitable for all kinds of events and corporate events & functions. We will help you organize everything you need.

Company Christmas Party

Today many are looking for Christmas festivities with a little glam. If you need a little helping hand when it comes to organising the perfect festive event then look no further, HUONE is also perfect as a Christmas party venue. Everything will be taken care of, you just bring your people and good spirit!

Pricing options

At HUONE, you can either choose either the event space rental or an all-inclusive package for your event. Check out the pricing page for more information.

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Cottage Room

Suitable for max 41 persons

Forest Room

Suitable for max 150 persons

Runway Room

Suitable for max 69 persons

Sandbox Room

Suitable for max 37 persons

Theatre Room

Suitable for max 131 persons

Time Room

Suitable for max 67 persons

Warehouse Room

Suitable for max 53 persons