Evon, a girl from a village in steamy Malaysia, left home for Europe at the age of 19 with only 500 euros in her pocket and a naive hope to pursue her dance career. Not knowing anyone, she finally ended in Finland – the country she knew having free education.

She soon became the secretary of the Ambassador of Malaysia in Helsinki, and she realised the challenge with finding the right venue for meetings. Only when she started her hospitality studies, the pieces came together and the idea of a colorful, inspiring business meeting and event venue dawned on her.

HUONE – a concept where Asian hospitality meets Nordic creativity –  was born.

It evolved from karaoke boxes to actual venues for companies for their meetings and celebrations.

Careers at HUONE

Purpose, goals and a solid agenda are key to a good event. At the same time you want your team to be creative, innovative and gregarious. So do we, because HUONE is about people. It’s about our guests, our staff, and the world. We want to make the world better, stronger, and more imaginative and we do that through connecting with others and helping others connect.

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